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As business owners, we know we're specialists in our chosen field - but how do we get that message across with clarity to actually connect with our intended markets? Meet our next presenter, Vanessa Allen, and she'll explain how your minimum investment in the right places, really will yield maximum results:

"Vanessa loves chatting about marketing, it’s her passion, along with coffee, her kids and champagne (apparently not necessarily in that order). She’s also a bit of a numbers geek and believes marketing is about delivering return on investment.
If you’re a business owner and want to grow your business by more than 20% this year then please welcome Vanessa Allen, director of ADhesive Communication and Chief puzzle solver at Jigsoar Media sharing “Stand out to sell out”."

Our Trading Mate business community are so excited to come together again in this fresh new year and learn these phenomenal tips and tools from our esteemed presenters to up the ante and take advantage of a fabulous array of 2022 Connections & Opportunities.

How? We hear you ask?

By booking in to join us:  Tuesday January 25th - from 1pm - register now and don't forget to grab your raffle tix, supporting the amazing team at the Cairns COUCH Wellness Centre!

Our registered TMs + all newly listed advertising members will have the opportunity to give us an intro on what your business offers - we can't wait to connect! 

Guests are welcome too - your event ticket automatically converts into a 12 month Trading Mate business advertising subscription* and your membership is instant - welcome to Australia's Best Value National Online Business Directory & Networking Community - prioritising, connecting & promoting local small businesses.
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