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O'Brien Electrical Cairns Central

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Ready to do business with a solutions-oriented company for your electrical needs?

Checkout O'Brien's Electrical - these guys believe that all clients should have a rewarding experience when hiring trade services and believe that Cairns is lacking in quality and reliability and have some reservations about requiring trade services. Trish, Dan & the team are here to assure you that this is not across the board and that they have quality staff and systems in place to ensure the utmost respect for all clients.

"Solving peoples problems with care - give us a go - you won't regret it."

Get in touch by calling (07) 4045 0028 or to find out more head across to'brien-electrical-cairns-central?fbclid=IwAR2kfMwJ2aTAWE9M_U6W2Nv5ZLIf8R2_d8AgNeCJCzSYKhl-eXevQwl8bnA & they'd love you to like & follow on Facebook @

We are proud to have this great business as part of the community and look forward to more great connections through the remainder of 2020 and all the way into 2021!

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