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First Class Accounts Cairns

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If the words Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks make you cringe - or simply the thought of sitting down to go through your quarterly or annual accounts is worse than contemplating a tooth removal - then it's time to look at how to offload this tedious task onto someone who thrives on a good trial balance, and is thrilled to present your profit & loss and cashflow results!

Gabi at First Class Accounts is one of those "special" people who can't wait to get in and crunch those numbers and advise on where to add to your investments and where to decrease your spending in order to increase your bottom line.

It's the beginning of a fresh new financial year, so the time is perfect to pull all that dastardly paperwork together to do the handover! Call Gabi on 0439 582 720 - to find out more about all the services available head across to and don't forget to hand out a big thumbs up on Facebook:

Welcome to the business community - it was terrific to meet you on Wednesday - and easing that pain point will be such a relief to so many of our members :)

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