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Winked - cosmetic tattooing and eyelash extension studio

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Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing and eyelash extensions will not only save you time, whats even better, you will always look great . . . sneaking down to the shops and getting caught with out eyebrows is not a problem anymore!

Same goes for enjoying a walk through Cairns during our hot and humid summer, or swimming or sweating it out at the gym. Whatever you love, it is an absolute pleasure to feel confident in your own skin (with a little help)! 

Meet Katie, she is a fully trained and qualified cosmetic tattoo artist, who inisists on using only the highest quality equipment and pigments on the market. Winked is a small local business with a passion for giving people increased confidence by providing semi-permanent makeup to bring out each individual's features. 

You can now book in for the Winked services at Avoca Cosmetology on the Trinity Beach Esplanade - call to book an appointment on 0408 001 143 or head online to for more into & schedule a service that is more than just beauty - it's an investment in your confidence! To check out what the team have been doing lately and browse through the gallery of amazing transformations, like & follow on Facebook @

Thanks Katie, the service you have provided to our hard working business team over the years has been so professional, friendly & sshhhh . . . affordable too - cheers to another fabulous year of transformations & connections! 

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