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Whether it's about strength, movement, agility, fitness or simply to maintain mobility - exercise is essential! And not only for the body, but equally importantly for the mind as well. A regular movement routine really can change your life, but sometimes we need that gentle lead and a connection with our trainer that is conducive to growth, positivity and a clear direction that leads to noticeable results . . . 

Abi is just your gal! And her fabulous business Motion 2 Fitness WILL get you moving in all the right directions. Abi's nature is to help, and along with her passion and qualifications, you can't help but succeed in gaining the results you want. Not only will you feel fabulous, imagine all the accolades at how fantastic you'll look - because a little effort and a steady, manageable pace really does go a long way to achieving that elusive number on the scales, but almost as importantly - fitting back into all the clothes you love/d!

To find out more about your initial consultation, personal, group training & 12 week programs - including the Fifty & Fit Barbell class head to or call Abi on 0409 260 230 and like and follow all the latest on Facebook @

Welcome to the community of businesses, we are all about keeping busy - and we love that you can keep us moving, breathing & feeling as well :)

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