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Robyn's Bowen Therapy & Emmett Technique

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There's a few people you come across in life who put their heart and soul into what they do - and it comes back to them. Just because they deserve it.

THESE are the kind of people who make us better just because we are around them - and having one of these people qualified to perform Bowen Therapy and / or Emmett Technique on your aches and pains can only produce 1 result - success!!

Robyn is one of those beautiful people and if you've never had a treatment with her before - do it! She's been known to release issues that have sat with clients for years and unlocked tensions they'd gotten so used to, they just accepted as normal! 

Call 0431 303 453, checkout more on the terrific new website: and of course if you like and follow on Facebook @ you might find this great business operating at a local market again very soon!

Thanks Robyn - we have had this terrific business as part of the business community since 2015 - you've relieved a LOT of Trading Mates over that time and you've also been one of our first website clients - gosh we've all come a long way in 5 years!

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