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The crux of who we are and who we can be is implanted long before we get any say in the matter. Our upbringing has dictated so much to us, good and maybe not so great - even with the best intentions, parents and carers can unwittingly add or detract from your self worth, never even understanding the impacts that we might face as time goes on.

So who's for finding a practitioner to listen, retract unnecessary, and often untrue ideals on what we deserve and reset us so we can aim for more fulfilling and genuine relationships? Someone who sees and senses why breakdowns have previously occurred, without judgement and with knowledge & skills to assist in getting that deep and real connection we are all striving for?

Suzanne at Personal Peace Clinic can do all that and more, call 0402 676 807 to find what method of delivery is best suited to you and your situation, more info can be accessed here at and you can also connect with these terrific services via Facebook:

We at highly value this amazing business lady and the sunshine she radiates to those lucky enough to be in her scope :) Thanks again for renewing with us and we look forward to connecting you for another amazing year

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