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Wellness Embodied

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As active business people, there's nothing worse than being hemmed in with a physical incapability. We rely on our bodies to follow through on all those ideas, so being incapacitated due to pain or tightness can impair us in more ways than physicality. Having a great physio to get us up and moving can be essential for some of us from time to time and even for a few of us on a regular basis.

Finding a GREAT physio is the key! Suzanne and the qualified team at Wellness Embodied can assist, one off treatments, exercise physiology training, rehab, massage, cranio-sacral therapies, mobility workshops and ongoing programs are all available to get us up and keep us all going! Hobble on in to the fabulous new premises at 53 Sheridan St and release your body! 

Call for an appointment on 0488 588 670 or jump online to book a time to suit you: and of course this amazing business has all the latest here on Facebook too:

It's been so good to watch Suzanne and her business grow and expand over the last few years - thank you for being such a wonderful part of the business community - we love how you keep us all moving :)

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