Business Station Inc

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Are you looking for some genuinely affordable support to understand how to better utilise, manage and optimise your online business presence? Maybe you want to know how to protect your privacy and ensure your information is secure, whilst selling online? Perhaps it's about getting some assistance with applying for grants and tenders, or something else relating to business advice, growth and support?

This really does cover a lot of our small business needs, right? And you'd expect the cost to manage this would be somewhat prohibitive to access as well . . . but what if you found out you could access:


 To find out more about the eligibility criteria head to and stay tuned as Renee, Nicky and the team are excited to announce very soon that they have produced a series of these heavily discounted workshops ready to offer specifically to our Trading Mate members!!

How? Business Station is a non-profit provider of enterprise development services to businesses, heavily subsidising courses and opportunities designed to recognise and support our very important local, micro and small businesses that are the backbone of the Australian economy!

We are so excited to welcome Business Station Inc to the business community - and get ready - the first round of seats will be released soon and you can join us for just $44 and take advantage of the many years of combined social media, tech training and experience of the esteemed Nicky Jurd and the legendary Renee Dembowski to assist our TMs to navigate through those darned digital dilemmas!

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