Social Media for business? See the . . .
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Yep, we can't avoid it, the world of social media is where it's at - but what's the "right" way to deliver your business messages across the "social" platforms? This is a big question - especially when trying to ensure you get the balance of information v tips v sales v sharing somewhat correct.

We don't want to bombard our friends and we certainly don't want to lose them because we're caught up in our own need to strutt our stuff, pay the bills, remain a professional player in our industries and have a life as well. A little training, can go a long way, but can we afford it - the real question is can you afford not to - especially if there is a valuable FREE option! 

Leanne is THE Social Media Specialist and is always up to date with all the latest changes and updates (& what a challenge THAT can be!!) and offers terrific courses for all levels starting from absolutely FOC through the Facebook page:, want to know more? Go to or give her a call on 0427 695 947.

Thanks again for bringing your terrific services to the community of small businesses, we appreciate your vast knowledge and all the support that you offer to our team, great work mate :)

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