Wear the best for a whole lot less!
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The age old dilemma - another public event and you've already been through the entire wardrobe - everything you have has been paraded out n about and you absolutely can't get away with NOT getting a new outfit?

Ladies, ladies - do you know there is another option? Get yourself into the most gorgeous, glam designer frocks, without the heavy price tag. Feel confident, look stunning and no worries with the credit card bills (& explanations) at the end of the month!

Jennifer from LUXE Affair has you covered - for a small fee you can glam it up and hire a gorgeous, fresh & fashionable outfit for every event around town without the costs of buying new clothes or considering the longevity and sensibility of your investment, so no more trying to squeeze (or hide) another dress into the already over-crowded wardrobe - and you'll have access to the most up-to-date fashions on the market . . .

For a browse through the latest available options (and maybe a couple of bargains on the Clearance Sale), head to https://luxeaffair.com.au/ and if you jump over and hit the like button on their Facebook page, you might just see some of the most stylish ladies around town glamming it up in Luxe garments: https://www.facebook.com/luxeaffairboutique and for enquiries / requests and to set up an appointment to try on some of these beautiful garments call Jen on 0408 969 285

The www.tradingmate.com.au ladies are absolutely in love with this service, really who doesn't want to look great, feel confident and save money! Welcome to the team - we hope to see a great selection of your garments at the Trade Table event next month :)


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