Pass the Salt!!
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Well we have seriously had some super rains lately, what state is your pool in?? Need someone to come along and check your levels and let you know the RIGHT way to deal with all this freshwater pouring in while you just know all those chemicals are just heading down the road through the overflow?

Maybe it's time to get the affordable professionals at Beaches Pool Supplies to come out to your place and check where you're at . . . maybe even give you a quote for monthly servicing, wouldn't it be nice to have someone come out and take over this tedious chore so you can just jump right in and enjoy that beautiful space again?

Sandra & Dave are terrific people who run a tight ship to ensure your periodic pool service is completed to the highest standard so you can spend more time mixing the cocktails & pouring the bubbles throughout our never ending tropical summers!

You can find them here: or simply give them a call on (07) 4057 6477 to book in a consultation and we're sure you'll agree that for such a minimal cost, it's more than worth it to get your weekends back and start admiring & enjoying your crystal clear pool :) 

Thanks for your support of our service guys, we appreciate your membership and more importantly - our crisp, clean pools :)


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