Professional and confidential document delivery


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If you're a solicitor, conveyancer or real estate agent, you'll know how time consuming it is to personally deliver those important docs . . . 

Melissa and the crew from Cairns Deliveries can do it all for you!  From Woree to Cairns North, this professional team guarantee top notch, prompt and secure services, leaving your office undisrupted to get on with the all important work-at-hand.

Think:  Legal documents, Supreme and Magistrate court filing, confidential transportation and secure delivery of licenses & passports, deeds & mortgages, patents, leases, contracts & permits, employee records, client files, drawings & blueprints, ledgers & charters and even books, films & manuscripts!

To book your next delivery, call Melissa directly on 0347 551 655. 

Welcome to the business community - we know how valued this fantastic service will be amongst the professional TM service operators!

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