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Painting pARTy

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Anyone can paint! It's true, and the most fun way to learn is to have a guided class with your friends / family / co-workers / sports team / hens night or even as part of an open-to-the-public event - enjoying a sip of your fave beverage, some snacks, great tunes, and all in a calming, yet vibrant atmosphere of support and camaraderie.

Adriana is the mastermind behind the classes, holding parties, teaching adults and kids alike how to dip the brush and create the strokes to take home a masterpiece of your own creation - and each painting turns out completely different from your class mates - because everyone has such a unique perspective when it comes to interpretation and creation!

To book in go directly to call to chat about your own group ideas on 0448 930 223 and for all the latest, head to

Thanks for being such a contributive member of the community Adriana, so many of us have experienced the wonder of our own capabilities, we look forward to many more connecting, painting & sipping experiences in 2020 and beyond :) 

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