Passion for presenting your perfect P&L...
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That's a lot of P's right, and yes you can find a man passionate about prepping your accounts and digging on down to help you determine where your most profitable areas of trade are and where you may need to investigate whether certain expenses can be improved or curtailed to offer a decent return on investment...

To some it's gibberish, tedious and oh so boring, and if you just can't bring yourself to look at that balance sheet one more day, then get the guy who will absolutely rub his hands together to help you and leave you to getting on with the job of running your business.

Ian at Shoebox Books Cairns is accredited in all the accounting software, MYOB, Quickbooks & Xero and cannot wait to receive your shoebox full of anticipation & joy! Make an appt on 0419 027 311 checkout the website and give the man a like on Facebook

So grateful to you for adding this service for our hard-working team - we all love our work, but not so much those dreaded accounts :) Welcome!

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