Dream less, travel more!

Toni Perrin by MG Travel

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Travelling? How exciting!! But there's oh so many choices - why not take your wish-list to a professional who understands the industry and can come back to you with an array of choices that ensure your itinerary matches your needs, demographic choices AND your budget?

Surfing the internet can give you some great ideas, but can it tell you whether the hotel is in the district you want to stay in - or whether it's tucked away in a place you're probably better off avoiding? Or whether the room that looks like a great deal on the cruise ship is KILOMETRES away from the restaurants, laundry, and entertainment areas - and whether the bedding configurations will work for your group / family? Tours, currency, visas, food requirements, will you be catered for?

Toni at MG Travel will answer all these questions - and pose some more so that your holiday choice has been highly considered and you are prepared for a truly memorable stay! With more than 15 years in retail & corporate roles, you can be certain that your decision will be the best one for your exact circumstances. Call 0416 440 874 to make an appointment - mobile or at the office in Sheridan Street - to find out all the latest dals, specials & ideas, head to https://www.facebook.com/ToniPerrinTravel or http://www.mercedesgonzaleztravel.com/

The www.tradingmate.com.au community have loved having your great advice on all things T R A V E L and thank you for your continued participation with our terrific team :)

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