Time to relax and be pampered?
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How does this sound. . .

"Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, prepare to have your senses sated from the moment you walk through the Balinese-inspired garden before settling in the tranquil studio setting - an instant tension release!"

Michelle is the dedicated & passionate owner/operator of Alagrea Beauty & Massage and ensures a holistic vision of all things body and beauty care, coupled with her extensive product knowledge, she ensures that every single experience is one to be savoured and enjoyed. As a beauty industry professional and a lifelong learner, Michelle strives to maintain and deepen her knowledge about tailored and new treatments thus ensuring that each individual client’s needs are met to an exceptionally high standard.

Want to find out more? Go to http://www.alagrea.com.au/, give Michelle a call on 0418 304 987& like & follow this terrific business on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alagrea/

Thanks so much for bringing this much needed service to the busy www.tradingmate.com.au community - we are so lucky to have you available when it's time to take our weary bodies (& minds) for a luxurious wind down massage or an uplifting beauty treatment :)

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