Budgeting & cash flow challenges, get some assistance ...
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Every now and then we find that our finances aren't stretching the way they used to, generally the price of our costs & supplies has shifted in an upward direction and this means readjusting our budget to bring back some sense of realignment. Is it time to do a financial health check on your business and home accounts to ensure 2019 is on track for greater management and control in the finance department?

Sue from SF Consulting understands that often we need a gentle hand when looking into solutions for where our gaps lay between income and costs - and with many, many years experience in the industry has been able to assist a huge range of businesses with an array of issues, so she may already have the ideal solution to help retrack the budget so you can get on with business, knowing how much, how often and why the changes implemented will enable current control & future benefits!

And because we aren't alone in these challenges, SF Consulting have various workshops, group presentations, as well as private mentoring and tutoring opportunities that may be just what is needed to tweak the issues with simple solutions. Give her a call on 0413 124 182 and for tips, updates & ideas, like and follow the Facebook page too: https://www.facebook.com/sfconsultingaustralia/

Welcome to the www.tradingmate.com.au small business community Sue, we are excited to have your services available to our terific members and look forward to connecting you :)

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