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Modernistic Safety

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Are you in a business where human and work connections can affect physical safety, mental health, workforce well-being, productivity and profits?

Most of us are in some way, so when it's time to look at the whole picture when implementing or reviewing your safety management systems, check out this fabulous business that can really help you make a positive impact and generate significantly constructive outcomes to all facets of your workplace.

Modernistic Safety aims to assist all business owners and management teams to approach workplace safety with a holistic outlook in order to prepare for the positive mitigation of compliance & personal injury. Emma and the team offer consultation & advice, training & mentoring that encompasses human factors and psychosocial risk management services.

To find out more, head to, like & follow on Facebook: or pick up the phone for a chat about your needs - 0419 795 772

Welcome to the community Emma, we can't wait to meet you and find out more about how you can assist our businesses - what a unique approach to safety in the workplace!

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