Planning for young adults

Launchpad 4 Life

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Launchpad aims to provide a crash course in life's little lessons that SHOULD have been taught in schools - but never were! You'd have thought that in 12-13 years of school, our young people would have learned everything required to survive - but surprisingly enough there are quite a few 'life' lessons that can't be solved with Pythagoras or Shakespeare!!!

If you know of any kids that could do with a crash-course on life's essentials, learn some great new skills & understand some real life basics including Super, Tax, Job and Career progression & Personal protection, in a fun & supportive way - then connect with James, Eva and the team on 0417 847 609, on Facebook @ or through the Life Sumo offfice - 0415 224 586

The team are super excited to welcome this terrific non-profit organisation into our community! We look forward to supporting this great initiative that is so very essential to our youth :)

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