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Life in the 21st century is fast, stressful and sometimes we find it hard to maintain the pace when our energy is drained and we are flat out simply trying to replenish those internal resources, let alone manage all the challenging things being constantly thrown at us!

Pamela provides hands-on tools that can really change the way you see, manage & live your life. Energetic Bodywork presents Access Consciousness Bars & Body Processes - a truly gentle and vitalising option to assist & provide relief from anxiety, stress, aches, pains, injury, illness & more. And there's so many ways to connect and with this great service including workshops, private sessions & retreats.

Checkout the latest on Facebook or on the website or just give Pamela a call on 0402 612 573

Thanks for continuing to bring your amazingness to our community - we all need to stop and reset sometimes and your beautiful, gentle manner is sometimes just what the doctor (or rocket scientist :)) ordered!

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