Get your skin checked people!

FNQH Cairns

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We hear it all the time, and although we all are so much more aware now than previous generations, and do our best to ensure we use the sunscreen and explain the importance to our kids, much of the damage was done in our fun and carefree youth - so keeping a regular eye on our skin as we age is so important NOW.

And it's sometimes not even a case of sun damage - genetics and other contributing factors (and sometimes just plain bad luck) can produce the nasty cells that lead to terrible outcomes, and we all know prevention is better than cure. Tarlia and all of the qualified skin specialists at FNQH Cairns are ready to get you checked!

Conveniently located at DFO on Mulgrave Road, Westcourt, give them a call to book your appointment on 40405800 or jump online and pick a time that suits: 

Welcome to the community of businesses, we are so proud to have the CBWC Business Woman of the Year amongst our terrific traders - we look forward to having you join us and explain more about all your fabulous services :)

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