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Expanding, contracting, disputing, or just simply wondering about the legalities tied into a new business decision? You might get some great guestimates from colleagues and well meaning friends, but if you really want to be sure that any new moves that affect your business with regards to taxation, legislation or optimisation of your business structure - it pays to get the right advice in the first instance.

Alan at Aspect Business, Taxation & Law has "at hand" answers and advice from years of experience and practice assisting all levels of business from set-up to wind-up and succession planning. If it all seems like a minefield and you aren't sure which way to turn, then book an appointment - it could very well be the call that changes the direction of your business and be the very key to the freedom and goal path you've been seeking.

Contact Alan on 0419 726 139, for great info checkout the website and find out more at…

What a great asset to have your services on board community - thanks for all your great presentations and advice this past year, looking forward to learning more :)

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