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Whether it's for your website, academic paper, structural, copy or self-published works - it's always best to have an expert review. Someone with experience, qualifications, the right tools and a passion for seeing their client's work brought to fruition in the best possible light, to ensure that when you're ready to present, you'll do so with the highest possible credibility.

Juliette at The Erudite Pen is just such an expert who works with independent authors, academics, businesses, ESL students and everyday individuals in editorial and publishing advisory capacities. Juliette is also part of a freelance team of consultants for a publishing company and works for various universities, assisting both authors and doctoral students in preparing their manuscripts and dissertations for publication and submission.

Assessments are also available for independent book manuscripts - making sure you are publication ready with structural reports, ensuring consistency of Australian language conventions, styles, appropriateness, accuracy and clarity.

Call 0406 357 646 or visit the website: www.theeruditepen for a detailed description of the services on offer. And of course you can keep up with this literary genius by hitting the like button on Facebook @

Please forgive the basic writing skills utilised for this write-up - it's a tough call ensuring spelling and grammar are correct - let alone structural integrity! But seriously - thank you so much to all that you have contributed over the years to our business community - we LOVE your work :)

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