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Choice can be a wonderful thing. It can also be mighty overwhelming.

Especially in the wonderful world of insurance, because we’re all different, there can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Reef Insurance Brokers is headed up by the self-confessed “insurance geek” Caroline Holland who is “excessively enthusiastic” when it comes to assisting her clients with tailored insurance solutions for work, home, vehicle and investments.

Are you a business owner, sole trader / home-based business or tradie chasing Public Liability cover? There could be more that you need – professional indemnity, cyber cover or management liability protection. Caroline will ask and assess to ensure the right policy for exactly the right price. Home & contents, motor vehicle, landlord insurance on the cards?

Then it really is time to get in touch! Call today – 0473 007 606, for more info and an online quote, head across to  and like & follow on Facebook for all the latest tips & info:

Welcome to the business community Caroline – we are super excited to meet you, there’s plenty more passionate geeks to introduce your business to & get connected with amongst our fabulous crew!

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