Bridging the gap during the hard times

SF Consulting

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Changing circumstances requires changing habits, and reimagining future pathways. For many people this can be a daunting experience, especially for those who've never had to manage budgeting or need to re-examine financial commitments and responsibilities due to challenging lifestyle shifts.

Finding the "right" person to discuss this with and work through paperwork, jargon and renewed obligations can actually be harder than the chore at hand . . . but until you find that assistance the task can seem insurmountable to some! 

That's where Susan at SF Consulting comes in - this great lady has got your back, and isn't there to judge, but simply to assist those in need in working their way through the minefield of change to achieve a sense of calm amongst the chaos, especially when it comes to re-assessing their finances and budget requirements.

To find out more head to, checkout more on Facebook @ or just pick up the phone and call 0413 124 182

The team are proud to have Susan amongst us and we know just where to go when our lives shift and we need a little helping hand to get back on a new track :) Thanks for being part of our community and we look forward to connecting with you into 2020 :)

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