Planning on entering the food service industry?

Tina O'Hagan Food Service Consultancy

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Food! We all love it and everyone can visualise how it can tempt us, from a steamy steak to a juicy prawn, flame grilled vegies to delectable desserts or home grown and uniquely packaged nuts & choccies, so how hard would it be to bring that to life, offer it to clients and create your dream business? 

It seems it may not be that difficult at all! There is a high entry rate for this industry - but also unfortunately a very high exit rate too, so research, training & support are so important to get your tantalising temptations out of your brain, onto the plate or into the packaging and to their ultimate destination - into the hands / mouths of your wonderful customers!

Tina has extensive, international knowledge and experience in training food based businesses get their products from concept to delivery with proven methods and constant support - to enable you to maintain that excited positive start-up energy with the ability to grow, change, adapt and flow with all kinds of market and seasonal fluctuations as time goes on.

Find out more by calling Tina directly on 0476 524 738, head to and find out what this lovely and very busy Irish lass has been up to lately - checkout

Thanks so much for bringing your wonderful experience and support to the team - we have a terrific crew of food businesses who are ready for the next growth phase :)

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