Professional training programs for all levels & capabilities
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Everyone wants to be able to protect themselves and their families, it's one of the most basic human instincts. And because it's an inbuilt part of us, it makes sense to direct it for health, fitness & even mental wellbeing, as well as harness this power and learn how we can use it to achieve the greatest effect, given any situation?

The great team at Brad Hope have been offering the highest level professional martial art training services since 1990 and really do have something for everyone! From programs for happy & confident kids, anti bullying courses, all coloured belts, empowering women with personal protection courses, and of course they have always maintained the absolute pinnacle reputation in this region, consistently delivering the highest standards for grading of Black Belts and Dan levels in Taekwondo and Hapkido.

For enquiries on how you or your family can benefit from the services at Brad Hope Family Martial Arts, call the beautiful Jan Turner on 0402 423 466, head to the website: and give this great team the big thumbs up on Facebook @

As a footnote, sadly Brad himself passed away very early this year, however being the enigmatic, driven, kind and pure gentelman he always was, it stands to reason that his legacy of teaching with love, professionality and strongly guided spiritual direction will live on throughout this terrific organisation for many many years to come. We at have been blessed to connect with this great man - and wish Jan and the team all the very best in continuing on with Brad's legacy, and what an incredible and positive way to drive through the hardship that this time must hold for you all xx

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