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No Slippy Lippy

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Who ever heard of waterproof, kiss proof and smudge proof makeup that lasts up to 18 hours?? Well you have now . . . In this busy world reapplying the lippy is something left way down the priority list, and if you didn't have to reapply, this task could leave that list completely - one less job AND you get to look amazing all day and all night long too!

Susan is our very own SceneGence Independent Distributor and is a huge advocate of these wax and lead free, 100% skin-safe products that really do help women feel beautiful and confident in any situation. No Slippy Lippy is an independent distributor of the whole makeup, hair and anti-aging skincare range and can be seen out n about proudly displaying the Lipsense colour range on any given day.

Find out more by heading to Susan's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/noslippylippy call directly on 0439 500 441 and for additional information jump onto http://www.senegence.com/noslippylippy

Thanks for being a terrific member of our www.tradingmate.com.au business community this past year Susan - we love the brightness you bring to our events and the lovely range of products too :)

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