Some love lasts a lifetime, true love lasts forever


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Who doesn't love a wedding!

Like any celebration, we want our guests to leave with amazing memories that truly represent the spirit and emotions of the occasion - positive, loving, uplifting, inspirational and unique!

Janine at NQCelebrations loves what she does - and offers so much assistance to help her clients make the decisions about the content and delivery of their wedding vows so the performance at the ceremony exactly matches the "feel" of the moment.

To find out more about what this fabulous business can offer for not only weddings, but vow renewals, commitment and naming ceremonies, head to like & follow on Facebook @ or call Janine directly on 0409 380 864 

Thank you for being such a beautiful member of the business community - we love "love" - in whatever form that may be - and your vision to absolutely fulfil and exceed client expectations at each and every ceremony!

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