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Cairns Pressure Blasters

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Saturdays, gotta love em! It's usually the day you wake up a little later, sit down with a morning beverage and look around - and decide what needs to be done over the weekend . . . 

Is one of those jobs getting rid of the outside mould on the driveway, pool area, pavement, fence - or maybe even the house itself needs a little spruicing up? Why not outsource the job to a team who LOVES to work on Saturdays and get that job ticked off the list!

Harrison and the team at Cairns Pressure Blasters have all the equipment and are ready to go to change the look of your home or business premises. From Palm Cove to Edmonton, guaranteed it'll free up your time and costs far less than you'd think!

To get a quote, head across to or give them a call directly on 0488 586 361. And to check out their latest work, like and follow on Facebook @

Welcome to the business community Harrison! We are excited to meet you and learn more about your great work, hopefully we can connect you soon at one of our monthly TM events: 

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