Video Editing is Our Game!

eMotion Video Training & Production

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Our smart phones are very clever - we know they can be used to create high quality videos and imagery - if only we could work them out!

There is an answer . . . eMotion Video Training & Production offer easy to follow, step by step training workshops to empower business owners to create their own sensational, engaging videos - all in the palm of their hand.

From small to big business, not-for-profits and home makers, Suzie & Kirsty will show you how easy it is to embrace video as a powerful tool to connect to your target markets - in as little as half a day!

To find out more, head to, like and follow on Facebook @ to find out when the next workshop is being held - or call to discuss a private session for your team on 0400 130 634

We are so grateful this amazing duo joined the business community a year ago - it's been inspiring to see so many of our members take up the option to utilise the tools and information shared for "upping the video ante" and successfully promote their goodies & services!

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