All your natural health goodies in the one shop!
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Looking after your no 1. vessel for health and wellbeing is a constant challenge, & finding natural Aussie made products and supporting local businesses, with services and goods is what the whole theme of Trading Mate is about - so where can we go to tick all those boxes?

The team at Origin Natural Living are all about health and wellbeing and have got everything you need in the one place to look after your body, inside and out - these guys have organic coffes, kombucha on tap, bulk foods including nuts, seeds, grains, chocolates and also flours, sugars & hemp seeds too!

Michelle's passion for bringing affordable local and natural goods to the community began after some personally challenging times, so her experiences have enabled her to understand what really does offer the greatest benefits and how having a positive and supportive retailer can make such a difference for her customers.

Pop out and visit this great community trader in the Clifton Beach Shopping Centre, to find out the latest specials head to and for any queries call direct on 07 4055 3229

Thanks for bringing your goodness to our terrific community of businesses, we look forward to connecting you :)

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