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It's Friday - may your working day be short, your night lush, your lashes long and your brows on point for this weekend! They say the brows frame the face and the lashes lift your eyes - so why not invest a little in YOU and feel a million bucks?

Add a sparkle back into your smile with a set of lashes, or a stunning pair of beautiful brows because the feeling of confidence is worth far more than the outlay! But . . . ensure you have an expert to do this work as it's oh so important that the quality of service meets your expectations and the results need to speak for themselves.

Katie is your girl! The Winked team offer professional, qualified tattooing and lash extension services that will absolutely meet your expectations, from glitz and glam extensions to an everyday set of gorgeous lashes that will add that special twinkle to your smile and a beautiful lift to your face. Book in advance as this service is in high demand - call 0408 001 143 or choose an appointment online to suit your time frames: http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmy.setmore.com%2Fbookingpage%2F701642c9868f8e3fa142b846570c651d2979a0e2&h=AT2J3sTpY5FEaLyVSBA_7IZTvguNK-glSRDbuUKY0XLn8Clmedm8uFw-XmBc3qWKTRT5qrjodzg7DKLlpr2tMDSM-6brJ13Day7VvhGi_W0CQjtqCnl7O84NHjwYxwjG02XWmagmh3TCYOwnqRwpxxIWjPSWAc-MqA

Thanks for your beautiful work Katie, the www.tradingmate.com.au traders are grateful for all your amazing contributions - especially the way you make us feel :)


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