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"Worries are an illusion"

Very poignant, considering it could be particularly easy to worry about a LOT of things these days!

Stress, weight, work, pain - how we deal with these things does more for our health and happiness often, than the issues themselves.

If it's guidance & motivation to shift HOW you're dealing with challenges, then Pamela at Guided Solutions could just be the answer you need!

As a clinical hynotherapist, international presenter and motivator, Pamela is all about using her quaiifications and skills to enable and educate her clients to understand the relationship between a healthy body & emotional eating. Combining hypnosis and intermittent fasting, the way to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle is only a phone call away - 0437 167 789.

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Welcome to the community - we are very excited to connect you, and look forward to meeting you to learn more about all your services: hypnosis, emotional tapping, healing and tarot readings :)

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