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Cape York Automotive

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Whether you drive a 4WD, custom vehicle, regular every day getabout or a specialised machine, you want to ensure that the service you get is the one you pay for - and that everything is checked to ensure that early warning signs of trouble are noted and you can make an informed decision on managing your transportation - because, really, who wants to breakdown in the bush, on the track, miles from home or, let's face it, anywhere at all - if you could have prevented it?

Rob, Christine and the whole team at Cape York Automotive put their focus on YOUR vehicle while it's in for repairs & servicing - and they'll make sure that they check over all the warning signs of trouble so that before you pick it up - you'll have been informed of any impending, avoidable or upcoming issues / repairs that are likely to warrant a visit again sooner than you'd like!

These guys do SO MUCH including dyno tuning, modification certification, road worthy checks, and absolutely all manner of mechanical repairs. For more info just head over to - call and book in your next service on 07 4051 3360 and check out this great crew on Facebook too:

Love your work guys - thanks so much for keeping the vehicle trekking along nicely and being so available to our terrific business community for the last 3 years :)

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