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You can't be expected to effectively manage EVERY aspect of business alone - and for most sole operators, prioritising where your energy & investments are focused needs to be directly attributable to income production - so those investments need to produce a reasonable & somewhat measureable ROI!!

Are YOU a business owner looking for expertise, guidance and motivation to develop and implement a marketing plan that will achieve your goals and provide a path of action that delivers actual results?

Then Naomi at Spread the Word is ready to hear from you! 

"Marketing at its core is all about digging a little deeper...deeper into your goals, your strengths, your opportunities, your customers and more. A lot of my clients want to skip to the implementation advertising, create brochures or websites etc.

But as a qualified marketer, I need to remind my clients that we should start with their business.... digging and uncovering the gems of your business....I'll then know what marketing ideas to suggest so you can reach your business goals."

If NOW is your time to plan for post-COVID and get this new financial year rolling - then call Naomi directly on 0434 357 913 and schedule some time to look at how you want people to see and react to YOUR business. If you want to do your research first - head to and for a heap of free opportunities and ideas, like & follow on Facebook @

Thanks so much for bringing such insights to our business community - sometimes we are working so hard winding our way through the trees, we forget to stop and overview the way the forest looks from the outside - and just how we are reflected and portrayed to our target markets!

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