Is your family everything to you?
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For most of us, the thing we want to always ensure is that our family is safe and protected. BUT, thinking about and planning for any events that may involve loss of income, long term sickness /injury, even permanent disability or worse ... is not often factored into that safe and secure plan we have for our loved ones.

Shannon at InTouch Insurance can help you think further about what to consider, given the specific circumstances for your individual lifestyle requirements now, in the future and in the event of something unexpected occurring - after all we insure our cars, home and furniture - why wouldn't we consider ourselves and our family in the same light?

There's lots to consider, and breaking it down into an easy to understand plan is what Shannon is so good at - she deals with the insurance companies daily and knows which one is priced and styled to suit your needs and budget. Call today on 0419 324 984, find out more at and give this terrific business a like on Facebook:

From all the great team - THANK YOU! Your support and service to our members is invaluable and we are so grateful to have your knowledge and expertise available to us all :)

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