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Cairns Calendar

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Where can you go to find all the events that we have going on in Cairns - our very own sensational corner of the world?

Cairns Calendar aims to provide both locals and visitors, a single platform to view ALL Cairns Calendar events! Your one-stop shop to find everything that's going on, to plan your business scheduling, visitors' intineraries & more. And it's easy to add your events too - simply click and your event will show up, at absolutely no cost to you, within 24 hours of upload!

Fiona is the mastermind behind this sensational opportunity - and you can even advertise your business on this great platform too, get connected with people looking for your business & events online here: 

To find out more about business partnerships, sponsorships and other great options, call Fiona on 07 4051 1777, head across to and like & follow for all the latest on Facebook @ 

It's a pleasure to partner with this sensational team, the crew are always looking for ways to get connected & promoted and this is certainly one of the best!

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