Retiring happily in style . . .
News Photo Mike Lacey Life Coach

We are all excited by the prospect of a retirement that includes lazy  days by the sea or in the country, holidays to wherever we like, and enough activity and social inclusion to keep us fit, fun & healthy! But in reality the transition to retirement can actually be quite challenging, with complete readjustments causing reactions and situations that we had never envisaged . . .

If you need someone to chat to about your situation or are thinking about preparing for this amazing time in life and are looking for a great bloke who brings enthusiasm, fun, helpfulness, compassion, empowerment, honesty, integrity and collaboration to the table - then give Mike Lacey a call!

He can be reached on 0438 415 088 and for some terrific ideas and tools checkout and for all the latest jump on and follow Mike Lacey Life Coach on Facebook:

We are so thrilled to have Mike on board and available for yet another year to all of us at the community and are looking forward to finding out more about planning for a successful and happy retirement :)

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