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Did you know that on average a woman can change bra sizes 6 times throughout her life?

Are you done with guessing, bringing home ill-fittting and uncomfortable underwear, and have decided that now is the time to get professionally fitted and to finally invest in long-lasting, comfortable, yet luxurious intimates? Fitted by Kaname can help! Amazingly affordable, high quality outer garments, active wear and underwear for all reasons and all seasons . . .

Life is too short, we only have one body and it deserves some love, dress it up in gorgeous, yet oh-so-practical clothing & underwear!

Make an appointment today @ virtual fitting, in-person fitting and group events, choose your date and time - or simply call Kaname on 0429 421 060, and for all the latest join the Facebook group Kaname's Intimo VIP 

Fitted by Kaname has been part of the business community since 2018, this lady positively glows with the passion to assist each & every one of her valued clients to look & feel absolutely amazing - INSIDE & OUT!

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