Moving house?

Cairns Property Clearances

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We all have to do it sometime . . . clear out the house ready for a move or to assist with the sale of a property for a family member needing to downsize.

Before you throw it all in a skip or call in the charity collectors, call Pip at Cairns Property Clearances.

You'd be surprised at how much value can be placed on your unwanted goods - we all know that one person's trash could well be another's treasure! Pip not only can assist with selling your unwanted items for you in a professional, organised manner - photographing your goods, pricing them with you and meeting buyers at your home during strict, scheduled times, she'll also organise to have her Charity Co-ordinator collect and distribute your donateable items to local charities and not-for-profit organisations!

To find out more, head to, like & follow on Facebook @ or lock in a time to meet by calling Pip directly on 0406 911 751

We have loved watching this amazing business unfold and grow, and are so pleased to see how this member is doing her bit to help with not only bringing additional cash to her clients, but to helping alleviate the huge cost of managing so much unwanted waste for our planet!

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