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The heat is finally over. So now is the perfect time to book in and get your air-con serviced and ready for the onslaught we KNOW is only a short time away . . . because waiting til it breaks down in the heat when that cool air is desperately needed, is no-one's ideal situation - economically nor time-wise as that's when our hard working fridgies are absolutely flat strap and stuck in triage mode!

Nathan is a friendly, local, qualified & experienced Refrigeration Mechanic - operating the centrally-based Easy Cool Air business, offering reliable, professional & affordable services to supply & install air conditioning & refrigeration units, diagnose, trouble shoot, and he also does emergency call-outs, scheduled & one-off maintenance servicing too.

Find out more at, call Nathan directly on 0488 947 799 and jump over to like and follow on Facebook: 

Thanks for bringing your fantastic and much needed services to the tropical community - great to meet you on Wednesday :)

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