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The dry is done, but the ground is now barren and our lush tropical plants have suffered - some have sadly diminshed entirely! Have you been thinking about re-jigging your garden with some great new plants and ideas to bring it back to life?

Now is the time to clean up, plan and plant for some gorgeous new growth - David & the team at NQ Parks and Gardens have loads of experience and know all the latest on erecting those gorgeous garden walls, correctly planning for & managing the right greenery for all types of soil and can advise on the best style of gardens for residential, body corp, commercial and even industrial sites!

Call 0499 741 499 for a consultation on your needs, checkout the website @ and give these guys a like on Facebook too:

Welcome to the community of businesses guys - we are excited to have you on board and learn more about just what you can do to bring our gardens back to life :)

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