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Are you looking to get in your customers' face and social media just isn't cutting it anymore? 

It's time to start thinking outside the box and think about your customers' IN-BOX!

Fiona @ Gateway Media Group offers easy, fully supported solutions to upscale your marketing through direct email campaigning - and with most of us checking our inboxes several times per day, it's the perfect solution to explain to current clients exactly how you can help them, along with all your updates & offers, not to mention a great source of branding for your business!

The rates are highly comparable AND your money stays local, which means the dollars spent are returned ight back into our own economy and not sent off overseas to a multi-national conglomerate (you know who we mean).

Don't know where to start? Fi does, just ask! Call 0428 122 321 for a chat, head to and for some tips, tools & inspiration, like & follow on Facebook @

Thanks for bringing this fantastic service to the busy community this past year - with all of us spending so much more time online, it really is time to make sure we think of different ways to reach our clients, both professionally & economically!

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