Delivering fresh Tablelands Produce to your door.

Tablelands to Tabletop

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1 year on!  It all started out with just a daughter trying to help out her father to sell his limes after restaurants, cafes & businesses were closed down due to covid-19. Angela saw our local farmers' produce dropping to the ground. No cafes & restaurants opening meant no business, struggling farm families, huge losses of income and tonnes of wasted fresh farm produce . . . 

Now they travel 500kms every week delivering boxes of fresh locally produced fruit & veg, eggs, beef jerky, coffee, honey, nuts, jams & chutneys, tea, sauces, cookies, soaps, laundry & kitchenware - what a way to support your community!


Order today! Shops, homes, restaurants, cafes - It's all online @ (the website also built by this inspiring entrepreneur) and get your weekly delivery to anywhere in Queensland!


But that's not all - there's so much more this great business is up for, here's the objectives moving forward:


??Educating our community about the importance of eating fresh local in season produce

??Looking at the impact on our environment with food miles, the food transport system is backwards about coming forwards

??Food waste is out of control & it costs the consumer financially & environmentally

??Plastic packaging - it needs to go

??Food security - our local farmers jump through the rings and it can get a bit ridiculous

??Overseas imports - it's not necessarily, it's dangerous for our health & environment.

??In season, locally sourced - where we need to go back to.

??FNQ Food Hub absolutely necessary and what we aim to have up and running within 5 years! To service the supermarket giants, restaurants, cafes, grocers, food businesses in Far North Queensland.

Simply phenomenal! If there's something you need from or are ready to add to this fabulous initiative, call Ange on 0419 719 487 - we are so proud of this local business member, and look forward to seeing what is in store as the future unfolds bright and fresh for this beautiful, creative problem-solver!
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