Convert your website browsers to customers!
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If you've got a website, then you've got a terrific door for additional business, so it makes sense that it remains open even when you're closed, away from the office, on holidays or just taking a quick break . . . so how can you be available, even when you're not there?

Having a virtual online assistant that can answer your customer queries and direct them to your products, services and solutions is actually so much easier and far more economical than you would expect. Karen and the team at Chat2 are a local Cairns business and have integrated all the latest technologies so that their team can assist your potential customers with all the information they need about your services, in real time, as they are wandering through your online business!

Want to know more? Give the Chat2 team a call on 0418 554 898, have a wander through the website (& test the Chat2 assistant if you like) @ and head on over and like and follow on Facebook too:

We are so pleased to offer the Chat2 concierge service to our browsers and are so thankful for the terrific responses and availability that your team offers us all - the online assistants are just wonderful - so thoughtful and polite to all our queries, we just couldn't do what we do without you :)

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