Don't sleep with a drip...
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Oh goodness, there is definitely a few drips & leaks, not to mention actual floods going on in this neck of the woods at the moment!

Our downpipes & gutters are having a tough time keeping up, and our drains are certainly challenged, and maybe you have some pipes that need clearing or even replacing? A qualified plumber is at hand! Liam from LJs Plumbing has a terrific team who can assist  - and best of all these guys are local - so they are experienced and know just how to sort your plumbing problems to ensure long term solutions - no one needs a bandaid fix in this part of the country and certainly not at this time of the year!

Give the guys a call on 0410 504 309, head over to their website for more info and give this terrific family business a big thumbs up on Facebook too: 

Thanks for helping the community with your super soggy solutions - we love having you guys on board and look forward to great connections throughout this upcoming new year too :)

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