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CBIS (Aust) Pty Ltd - Cairns Business Insurance Solutions

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What are the benefits of using an insurance broker? To start with you'll get practical, unbiased advice, someone to do all the legwork for you, not to mention comparative quotes for the items or services you actually require - so you're not paying for extras you won't ever need!

Rochell & the team at CBIS are celebrating 10 years in business - and with that much experience, you can be sure they've dealt with pretty much every eventuality that can be expected her in the tropical north! Online services have their uses, but when it comes to insurance you want to develop a relationship that "ensures" trust, timely resolutions and the best pricing with a local who knows which questions to ask and what kind of policy will actually provide genuine cover for your circumstances.

One call is all it takes - 0414 082 989, for more information head to and for all the updates, tips & tools, like & follow on Facebook @

Thanks for being such a wonderful member of the business community for all these years Rochelle, we know that through good and bad times, you've got our backs.

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