Non toxic quality baby products!

Mama & Boo

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"Toxic" and "babies" are 2 words that are definitely not synonymous!


So when it comes to a thoughtful purchase for bubs arrival or milestone celebration, go safe and go LOCAL!


Mama & Boo, has in a very short time period of time become Tropical North Queensland’s leading supplier of compliant and non toxic baby Teething Toys and accessories.


Mama & Boo Founder, Cindy, started creating colourful and fashionable non toxic jewellery for her own personal use that she could wear whilst raising her little boy. It wasn’t long before people were noticing the vibrant and colourful necklaces she wore, asking her where they could be found and she soon realised that there was demand in the market for this type of fashion. And so it began!


All of Mama & Boo’s products are designed and created in Tropical North Queensland and the range now available includes teething toys, pram garlands and play gym toys. Ensuring the safety of babies is the No. 1 priority - all products are compliant, non-toxic and meet tough Australian Toy Standards. Each piece is hand made with love from non toxic silicone and encourages exploration and sensory development.


To make that special purchase, head to, like and follow on Facebook @ head into the store just next door to Coles at Stockland Earlville, and if there's a special order you'd like to discuss, call Cindy on 0439 673 936


Thank you so much for being such a legendary member of the community of businesses, what an absolutely unique and valuable product you have - ticking so many of those reduce and reuse boxes too - long live the non-toxic silicone and antibacterial beechwood!
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